ViperSpectra 1200w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts At max. performance 524 watt
Ideal area coverage [foot area] veg: 5 x 5 / bloom: 4 x 4
Length, width, height 19.2 – 19.2 – 3
Recommended height  24 inches

The largest LED light by Viparspectra for inside growing projects. This package contains the high-intensity LED light with 240 pcs from the renowned brands Bridgelux and Epileds, it also contains hanging kits to assist placing the LED light well and a 6ft power cord which enables positioning the LED light in the middle of a room if required. This LED light, as many others by Viparspectra, has an extraordinary cooling system with upgraded fans that help dissipate heat from the big aluminum case which is provided with sinks to make the entire process more efficient. This LED light works with all kinds of voltage; full spectrum that can be used for all stages of plant growth. It has 2 switches to intensify lighting for vegetative or flowering stages respectively.

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The Good

  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Premium quality LED chips manufactured by well-established brands.
  • Unmatched cooling system that eases heat dissipation ensuring LED chips work properly up to the lifespan expected.
  • Efficient energy consumption considering the size and proportion of this LED light.

The Bad

  • As it happens with other LED lights manufactured by this brand. It is very intense and has to be implemented carefully, otherwise, it may burn the plants.

Recommended for

Viparspectra is one of the leading LED light manufacturers in the current market, surely a great option for anyone looking to offer healthy and top quality light to their plants. This light is mistakenly thought to provide 1200W while it actually outputs around 475 watts (from the 524 it draws). It is a very recommendable option for people with big inside growing projects, the original price is around 600 USD which can be considered a reasonable price due to its level of performance and lifespan on top of a 3-year warranty and 30 days satisfaction or return.  With that being said, it is recommended to keep yourself up to date with latest prices. It may happen that you encounter up to 50% discount on the fixture. Then it will definitely be worth the money to purchase the LED grow light from this popular brand.

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