ViparSpectra PAR1200 LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts At max. performance: 550 watts
Ideal area coverage [foot area] veg: 5 x 5 / bloom: 4 x 4
Length, width, height 19.7 – 17.3– 3.5
Recommended height  24 inches

The Viparspectra dimmable series PAR1200 comes as the premium LED light option for those looking for full spectrum that is adequate to assist all stages of the growing process. The package comes with hanging kits, adjustable hangers and a 6ft power cord making it a very flexible solution. This is an ultimate improvement from the 1200W model offered by the same brand; the key difference lays in the dimmers which allow a better control of both types of light: red and blue. The possibility of dimming one of the lights making the entire output redder or bluer allows better control of each stage. The fixture consists of 238 pcs of high quality LED bulbs.

Pick among the Best LED grow Lights

The Good

  • A lower electricity bill guaranteed thanks to a highly engineered design focussed consuming energy in a smart way.
  • The best option in the market for people looking to upgrade their inside growing areas with more a professional LED lighting system.
  • Viparspectra is a synonym of quality. This LED light, as well as the 1200W design, has a lifespan of 100,000. Using top quality chips from renowned brands such as Bridgelux and Epileds.

The Bad

  • Very expensive for the coverage area it offers.
  • If you are not looking for a more specific type of technology to assist a stage your plants are going through, this may be too much money on a LED light.

Recommended for

The ViparSpectra PAR 1200 is only a good option for experts that are looking for a specific type of technology that helps them assisting flowering or vegetative stages of their plants. For beginners or people that are looking for a normal, good quality LED light, the 1200W is a better option for around 100USD less. 3-year warranty and 30 days of satisfaction and return as other ViparSpectra’s LED lights.

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