VIPARSPECTRA V300 Reflector series – 300W LED Grow Light Review




Light Output




Cooling System


Other features



  • Most ideal for veg
  • Budget price
  • Easy install: Plug & go
  • Very popular
  • 3 year warranty


  • less ideal for bloom
  • low core coverage
  • no dimable / switch function

VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED grow light is one of the most popular LED fixtures available out there. Take a glance at the reviews on any online selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay and etc., you will quickly notice that the grow light is currently one of the best sellers among indoor grow light fixtures. Which is why we picked this specific model to perform a detailed examination instead of any other top led grow lights. So stay tuned as we walk through its essential features hoping to unfold the mystery behind what makes this particular fixture so damn popular among hydroponic indoor growers.

VIPARSPECTRA 300W Full Spectrum – The Bestselling Budget Friendly LED grow light

viparspectra 300w


Dimensions 12.6″ x 7.9″ x 3″
Avg. Power Draw 136w
Replacement 250 watt HPS/MH
Coverage at 24” Max / Core 3′ x 3′ / 2′ x 2′

The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V300 LED Grow Light provides beautiful spectrum ranging from UV to infrared, thus covering the full light spectrum. Thanks to the remarkable light quality, this budget grow light fixture from Viperspectra is considered ideal for both vegetation and flowering stages of a plant. The VIPARSPECTRA v300 assures a good balance of PAR output distributed evenly to the entire plant canopy in an energy efficient manner. The fixture utilizes the drawn watt with respect to the plants need so no electricity goes wasted. Keep in mind that when talking about LED grow lights, electricity is considered wasted if the light emitted is outside the PAR spectrum. If you are a beginner you can learn a lot more about it on our best led grow light buying guide. The ability to convert electricity to PAR light is the essential reason behind the popularity of LED grows lights within indoor growers. It is also because of this particular “skill” that the VIPARSPECTRA V300 can match a traditional 250-watt HPS/MH lights while only consuming 136 watts.

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What kind of light does VIPARSPECTRA 300w produce?

Left: Spectrum Right: Footprint

The graph to the left demonstrates wavelengths in which the lights are emitted. While the figure to the right is called a distribution footprint. The graph tells us that the light is strongest at the blue of the spectrum, while less powerful at the red side of the spectrum. The distribution map on the right indicates a footprint over the area in which the light falls if you hang the fixture 24” above the plant. while looking at the purple picture to the right side, it is important to pay attention to the small numbers within the square. These number indicates the amount of power that falls on a specific point. Naturally, higher numbers mean that light reaches better at a given falling location. Thusly the best coverage potential of the light is covered by the intense purple circle.

How does VIPARSPECTRA 300w affect your plants?

Plants prefer different light based on its current stage of growth. The blue end of the light spectrum is preferable in the early life stages. Meaning from seedling to end pre-flower. Whereas plants tend to absorb more light from the red end of spectrum once it starts flowering. The blue and the red colors of led grow lights are designed to mimic seasons. During spring the light consists of more blue as opposed to falling where wavelengths with the red spectrums are more dominant.


When is this LED grow light the best choice for purchase? – Amount of plants to grow and grow area size

Flowering plants tend to get wide as well as tall depending on plant type and breed etc. This means the flowering plant will most likely extend further than the core cover range of 2×2. And given the fact that this particular led grow light emits mostly blue light, we recommend you buy the VIPARSPECTRA 300w if you are looking to nurture a couple of early stage plants in a smaller grow tent area of approx. 2×2 or the best grow box of your choice.

Even though the 300w is the best choice for vegging, it does not mean that it is impossible to grow a full plant. The light is just not well designed for plants in the flowering stage, if you are looking to grow a plant with a single LED grow light, then the VIPARSPECTRA 450w is a better choice due to its switch function.



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