Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300w LED Grow Light Review

Actual watt input130w
Ideal area coverage [foot area]2 x 2
Length, width, height12. 13 – 8.19 – 2.36
Recommended height 12 inches

The GalaxyHydro 300w emits light in wavelengths within the PAR zone to promote photosynthesis. The fixture produces light in 9 bands between 430-740 nm ranging from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) while peaking at the red part of light spectrum.

The Good

  • UV light prevents bacterias negative influences
  • IR  light promotes cell division
  • 2 cooling fan and heatsinks to prevent overheat
  • EPILEDS chips, driven at around 2 watts
  • Guaranteed life expectancy 50.000 hours
  • Decent light intensity for penetration
  • Cheap price
  • 2-year warranty

The Bad

  • Not ideal for early life stages: seedling – growth
  • Not the best option for tall plants
  • You have to adjust it quite low above the plants in order to get a good high intensity
  • The previous consumer complain about noisy fans
  • Some consumers claim the fixture doesn’t live up to its life expectancy

Recommended for

It is a nice LED grow light for the beginner. The fixture can produce enough light to keep your cannabis plant supplied in the pre-flowering stage until the final harvest. In order to get a decent intensity, you have to move the light closer to the plant canopy, but when you do that, you also decrease the light coverage area. This makes the grow light ideal for growing short strains of cannabis.

We would not recommend buying the fixture for the original $250 price, but if you catch the special offers, then it is definitely worth the investment.

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