Marshydro Reflector 480w LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts 190
Ideal area coverage [foot area] 3.5 x 2 veg / 3 x 1 bloom
Length, width, height 22 – 10.4 – 2.5
Recommended height  12 inches


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The Marshydro Reflector 480W is just like all other products from this popular series, a reliable and efficient option for people running their own indoor greenhouses. The most relevant aspect about these LED lights is that they fall within a budget for inside growers looking forward to cutting excessive expenses.

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The Good

  • A unique and remarkable design with high output in both modes veg and bloom modes.
  • Lights are cooled efficiently thanks to intake and outtake pin-cushion that allows heat to sink ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • For its size, it is extremely energy-efficient. It kind of goes unnoticed in your electric bill.


The Bad

  • Lighting quality is so intense that it may hurt your eyes if you look at it directly. Wearing protective glasses when working around this light is not an option but a requirement.
  • Even though it is very simple to install and use, it lacks an instruction manual which can be helpful for some details, especially for beginners.
  • There are a few details regarding design that could have been implemented better, the position of the power cord (you may need to clip it to have it off the way) for example.

Recommended for

Your plant will go through germination, seedling, vegetative, budding and flowering stages with the support required for a rich and strong development. The Marshydro Reflector 480W is an excellent addition for any homemade greenhouse. Perhaps, for people starting in indoor grow operations it may be too big and it would be better to look for a more compact design. A very good option for small-to-medium homemade greenhouses, totally worth every the money spent.

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