MarsHydro LED Grow Light Mars 300W – Review

Actual watts 132w
Ideal area coverage [foot area] 2 x 1.5
Length, width, height 13 – 2.8 – 7.9
Recommended height  18 inches


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MarsHydro Mars300 offers a well-balanced spectrum that incorporates a broad range of wavelengths: 430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm. These wavelengths are within the PAR portion of the full spectrum, which means the light promotes photosynthesis, making the fixture suitable for growth. The light spectrum is equally blue and red. This can either be good or bad, we will explain why at the end. But first, let us have a look at some pros and cons.

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The Good

  • Single cooling fan and heatsinks dissipate excessive heat.
  • EPIstar diodes and Zener protection = longer durability.
  • Cheap

The Bad

  • Small size = Small coverage
  • 12 months warranty – rather short


Recommended for

The grow light has a well-balanced red/blue spectrum, which makes the grow light not best for any phase in particular, but still applicable throughout the plants full lifecycle. You should not expect the richest yield with this grow light.

We do recommend the Mars 300 for the beginner. Especially, if it is your first-time indoor growing project. The Mars 300 light spectrum will keep your plant supplied throughout its entire lifecycle, from seedling to grow. And because of its small footprint and size, you can also saddle with a small grow tent allowing you to save some bucks while you are still learning. Make sure to keep yourself updated with the prices maybe you catch an attractive discount.

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