King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts 185
Ideal area coverage [foot area] Max. 3.4 x 3.8
Length, width, height 12.2 – 8.26 – 2.36
Recommended height  25 inches

The newest technology you will find in the market when looking for a bigger and more professional LED light. The King Plus 1000W brings double chips to provide a complete spectrum and the variety of lighting colors emulates sunlight quite well. It has an average cooling system with some holes on the LED board which help dissipate heat. The King Plus 1000W does not have a switch to change between veg and blossom mode.


The Good

  • 71 pcs for red light, making this light a very powerful tool to aid your plants during their blossom stage.
  • Long lifespan along with a very resistant design which ensures your investment will live up to your expectations
  • Remarkable customer service which replies within 24 hours to any kind of inquiry.
  • An excellent price for a 1000 watts LED light.


The Bad 

  • Sometimes, cheap does not mean excellent, and this may be one of the cases. Even though it is able to cover the entire area of the spectrum, it is not very bright.
  • The cooling system is not the best one, it may overheat a bit after many hours of non-stop use.
  • A fragile power plugin, you must be careful with it.

Recommended for

The King Plus 1000W is a very affordable big LED light, probably the biggest light you will find in the market for such a cheap price. The 3-year warranty backs up the long lifespan of this light. There are a few improvable things about this LED light but it is a great option for people on a budget who need a bigger LED light for a big indoor greenhouse. Regarding brightness, it is quite adjustable, if you feel your plants are not receiving enough light then you can put it closer, it will not burn your plants unless it is around 6 inches from them.

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