Cheapest LED Grow Light – Roleadro 45w review

Actual watts 25
Ideal area coverage [foot area] max. 2 x 2
Length, width, height 13.4 – 11.8 – 1.6
Recommended height  5 inches


Quality low wattage LED light at a cheap price. It has a suitable light spectrum which provides more red light than blue light, making it a great option for providing light for a single plant at its flowering stage. It comes with a switch that enables a lower power consumption mode. The Roleadro 45W LED Plant offers a great solution for people with a very tight budget. The low price means, among others, that it does not have any fans and it has to be mounted with some space from the roof if you want air to circulate and prevent it from overheating.

The Good

  • Very light weighted item.
  • A thin design allows its mounting anywhere.
  • The low power consumption mode can save up to 80% of the energy.
  • A standard lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The Bad

  • Lacks a proper cooling system.
  • It is not that powerful.
  • This light is only for smaller inside growing areas.

Recommended for

The Roleadro 45W LED Plant is a good option for a first LED light if you have a tight budget. The light lacks proper intensity and spectrum, this means it is not recommended for plants in the flowering stage. It has a 12 months warranty and you can get your money back if you return it during the first 30 days. This LED grow light is best for beginners that are trying things out with inside growing projects. Nevertheless, if you are planning to improve your inside greenhouse to a bigger one anytime soon, avoid purchasing this light.

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