California light works 440w LED grow light Review

Actual wattsx
Ideal area coverage [foot area]3 x 3
Length, width, height22 – 7 – 20
Recommended height 10 inches

The professional choice for inside growers, the California Lightworks 440W remains as a solid decision for anyone looking for a reliable solution that gives enough support to plants during all their stages. However, this option may not be the best one for beginners. The light spectrum of these lights is known to be healing and used in lighting therapies and other medical treatments.

The Good

  • These LED lights have everything that a proper growing process requires, you will not need anything else apart from these lights.
  • It provides a complete light spectrum.
  • Two UV-B tubes of 15W each.
  • A design thought and executed in order to promote and assist growth.
  • Cool functioning, it never overheats.

The Bad

  • California Lightworks are fairly expensive. Even though the investment returns quickly, it may be a very tough first investment for beginners.
  • They need to be placed right over your plants, the light doesn’t spread out.
  • You need to have some knowledge on indoor growing techniques in order to use them properly, they are not beginner-friendly.
  • Hangers and other important accessories that may be required because of the limitations of the equipment are not included in the package.


Recommended for

The high-quality performance of California Lightworks is undeniable, there is no light wasted when using them but taking into account that light does not spread, hangers and other accessories such as automatic moving tracks may be required to assure proper lighting support on plants. It is a smart investment for people that are looking for their second or third lighting equipment for their inside growing area. Having read and researched a bit about inside growing techniques can also be useful to exploit all the potential of California Lightworks.

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