Best Grow Box – Buyers Guide 2017

The Best Grow Box will not only bring better yield and a significantly bigger harvest. It will also relieve the hassle of constantly assuring the ideal climate plants. Commonly used to raise plants indoors, a grow box, also referred to as grow cabinet, is a partially or totally enclosed system made in a variety of sizes. Grow boxes are made to contain everything a plant needs to fully develop to maturity. Most grow boxes currently available are both light tight and soundproof which means you won’t even know it’s running. With automation, discrete indoor gardening can be easily achieved.

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What types of Grow box are there?

  • Soil-based – this type is naturally based and uses soil to supply nutrients to plants
  • Hydroponic – this kind uses mineral nutrient solutions in water solvent to grow the plant without soil

Are Grow boxes for you?

Grow boxes can be applicable in many situations especially when outdoor gardening isn’t an option for you. Grow boxes will perfectly suit your needs, if you:

  • Lack outdoor growing space.
  • Want to grow vegetables, herbs, marijuana or flowers during cold months or winter.
  • Don’t want house visitors, or neighbors to know everything you grow.
  • Are quite busy because this system can be operated automatically.
  • Want fast yield compared to outdoor gardening

How many plants can grow boxes produce?

Depending on the size of the grow boxes, multiple plants can be grown at the same time. Most grow boxes allow 4- 15 plants to be grown at the same time. Not only can you keep multiple adult plants growing, you can also keep babies (or clones) growing at the same time. By combining the best elements of hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics, you can be certain that your plants will achieve their full potential.

Advantages of Grow box

The biggest benefit of grow boxes is that you can set up your discrete garden virtually anywhere without drawing attention. Whether it’s in your unused bedroom or kitchen, with grow box you can automate your indoor gardening and obtain the best results every time throughout the entire year! Additionally, these all-in-one units also come with numerous attractive features including:

  • Automated and easy set-up
  • Quite discrete and Portable
  • Low power usage
  • Great odor control compared to grow tents

How to find the best grow box?

Unlike DIY hydroponics, grow box systems are usually fully automated and ready to go, most of them even include your first plant nutrients so you have all you need to plant your first batch. However, depending on your needs, below are some of the details you should consider upon purchasing a grow box.


This is the measure of how bright the lighting is. The more brightness, the more electrical power it will consume to run.

Odor Control

From fertilizer smell to odor produced by plants like cannabis, it is important to have your grow box odor

Light Proof

Your grow box should be able to seal the light from escaping outside

Light Type

There many types of lights that can be used in the grow box. Compared with the rest, LED is much more energy efficient. Others are HPS which makes plants grow much faster and is quite hot and CFL type which needs to be adjusted before it can be used in small places.

Fully Automated

Especially if you have a busy schedule, you should consider automation as an important feature to ensure successful results without constant care or attention.


Make sure to measure the dedicated room for your grow cabinet. This way you can be sure that the grow box suits your available space well.


Best Grow Box on the Market

With many more people practicing indoor gardening, markets are now flooded with companies that supply grow boxes, tools, and equipment needed to make this possible. However, not all grow boxes stand the test of time and meet required expectations. If you are truly interested in indoor gardening, below are the top ten Best Grow Boxes in the market today.

PictureNameFeaturesHeight x Width x Depth (inches) 
The Silverback
by Grow Box USA
• Fully automated

• American hand-crafted

•100% odor control
78 x 48 x 24
Latest Price on Amazon
SuperLocker 3.0
by SuperCloset
• Quality lighting and fans

• Cloning chamber

• High yield
66 x 15 x 24
Latest Price on Amazon
by Grow Box USA
• Full automation

• Oder control

• Light Proof
72 x 36 x 18
Latest Price on Amazon
by SuperCloset
• Cheap option

• Smooth design

• Quality performance

• Up to 10 plants

• SuperPonics Hydro System
30 x 18 x 24
Latest Price on Amazon
GrowZilla 3.0
by Dealzer
• MarsHydro LEDs

• Versatile Reflection

• Unlimited Tech support

• Quality Ventilation System
48 x 20 x 16.5
Latest Price on Amazon
Cash Crop 5.0
By Dealzer
• Popular Choice

• LED grow lights & Reflector

• Carbon filter, fans and odors
27.75 x 16.5 x 11.25
Latest Price on Amazon
best grow box  
by SuperCloset
• Up to 12 plants

• Three chambers

• SuperPonic systems
72 x 72 x 24
Latest Price on Amazon

USA The Silverback Review

USA the Silverback is among the top-of-the-line indoor grow cabinets out there. Made in the USA, this grow box is one of the largest cabinets in the market. Because of its size, the grow box is best for people who would like to grow more than three plants at a time. This version comes with 135W LED lights, but no side lights are included. With eight exhaust fans and two intake fan system, the air through the system is filtered well.


  • Consumes 405 watts
  • 100% odor control
  • 100% light proof
  • LED lighting system
  • Has full automation
  • Has 4L x 2W x 6.5H

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SuperLocker 3.0 by SuperCloset Review

Looking like a gym locker, the Supercloset SuperLocker 3.0 is one of the best fully automated hydroponic grow boxes out there. It is built to fit in tight places while at the same time having plenty of height which allows plants to grow tall. The grow box generates a full-spectrum lightning using Kind LED K3 with T5 fluorescent side lighting, while the small cloning chamber has two 24W T5 fluorescent bulbs.


  • Consumes 300 watts
  • 100% odor control
  • 100% light proof
  • LED lighting system
  • Has full automation
  • Has 1.25W x 2L x 5.5H

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Grow box USA The Stanley Review

A smaller version of the SilverBack, the Stanley is a turn-key stealth hydroponic grow box integrated with cloning chamber. This grow box provide adequate lighting with its 90W LED lighting system and 84W side lights which ensure that your plant receives light from all angles. Also, it has a hydroponic system, water cooler, CO2 system, and fans.


  • Consumes 180 watts
  • 100% odor control
  • 100% light proof
  • LED lighting system
  • Has full automation
  • Has 3L x 1.5W x 6H

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Superbox CFL: Cheap Grow Cabinet Review


Another piece of art from the manufacturer SuperCloset. This grow is one of the cheaper indoor growbox, perfect for beginners. With this indoor grow box, you can veg up to eight plants at the same time. It is quite large and uses a warm-spectrum 200W CFL system. While still compatible with soil growing, it is primarily made to work with hydroponics, combining Deep Water Culture, Bubble/Aeroponics, and top Feed to ensure healthy plants.


  • Consumes 200 watts
  • 100% odor control
  • 100% light proof
  • CFL lighting system
  • Has full automation
  • Has 1.5L x 2W x 2.5H

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Growzilla 3.0 LED Hydroponic Grow Box Review

Manufactured by Dealzer who also makes the Cash crop grow box, Growzilla Grow Box is in many ways like cash crop grow box except a bit more sophisticated. Made specifically for growing cannabis plant, this grow box runs automatically and is easy to get used to.


  • Full Spectrum Mars Hydro Reflector LED Unit (48 Diodes at 5W each);
  • Carbon Protected Intake and Exhaust system;
  • Odor Control provided by Ozium.
  • Can hold 9 plants at a time
  • Has full automation


  • Speedy (can grow cannabis from seed to harvest in 70 days)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • High yields.

PS: The girl doesn’t come with the box 😀

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 Cash Crop 5.0 Grow Box Review

Manufactured by Dealzer, the cash crop 5.0 is a great grow box packed with mind-blowing features. Compared to previous versions made by the company, Cash Crop 5.0 grow box has full-spectrum Quasar LED grow lights which are much brighter and power saving compared to the previous CFL light used by its predecessor.


  • Full Spectrum Quasar LED Lights at 20W
  • Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System
  • Carbon protected intake and exhaust system
  • A lot of free extras and nutrients
  • Grows 6-9 Plants at a time.


  • Easy to use;
  • Stealthy Design, that blends seamlessly with the environment;
  • Excellent value for money

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 SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet Review

With three chamber and dual cabinet system, SuperTrinity LED Grow Cabinet grow box is designed to offer great yield with minimal effort to you. It can grow up to 12 plants at a time and comes with 3-year Warranty!


    • Dual 12 bandwidth full spectrum 3W Kind LED K3 – L600 grow lights
    • Anti-mold reflective, removable, and adjustable panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness
    • Adjustable Internal Circulation Fans
    • Dual Industrial Grade Carbon Filters
    • Trademarked SuperPonics hydro system
    • Super Cloner 50 Site System



  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Three-chamber system
  • Holds up to 12 plants.
  • Has 3-year warranty!

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Using Grow boxes for your indoor gardening does not only give you fast yield, but also the freedom of privacy. It also enables you to grow your plants anytime/seasons and virtually anywhere as long as you have a power source.

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