Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review – Best Rated LED grow light

Actual watts 93w Veg / 180w Bloom
Ideal area coverage [foot area] veg: 4.5 x 3.82 / bloom: 3 x 2
Length, width, height 19 x 9 x 3
Recommended height  18 inches

With headquarters located in the USA, this grow light fixture is American made and it promises the highest PAR per watt compared to any other cheaper LED fixtures. This is a good start because the PAR per watt is actually the same as  Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF), which tells us how much light the fixture produce within the PAR zone. This basically means that it converts the input watts into the exact type of light waves which plants need to live and grow (Photosynthesis).

This way, each amount of electricity drawn by the fixture is utilized for the right purpose. Aside from this, there are some cool supplementary features including, Veg/Bloom switch, integrated cooling system, and Top LED light optics. Let us have closer look at these.


The Good

  • Switch between Veg and Bloom light spectrums. This means you can deliver maximum performance corresponding to the plants’ current life stage light needs.
  • The Veg function provides a more purple/bluish spectrum output in favor for leaf development. In case your plants reached the flowering stage, you can enable 100% panel power while also shifting the light output to a happy, pink/red heavy spectrum. With the Veg/bloom feature, you are covered from seedling to harvest without any need for supplemental lighting.
  • The unit comes with integrated high-speed, whisper quiet fans plus upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. With the integrated cooling system, you can safely go to sleep and wake up to a grow room where the temperature has been maintained well balanced throughout the night.
  • Top-bin LEDs from high-quality US manufacturers such as Bridgelux and CREE, guaranteed to provide 50,000 – 100,000 hours of light.
  • 5-years warranty


The Bad

  • For some reason detailed information about spectrum light, PARdistributionn and etc. are not easily accessible, you may need to dig a little deeper to find them.
  • The price, because the LED is US manufactured it has a certain level of quality to live up to, and as we all know, quality comes with its price.



Recommended for

The inevitable Veg/bloom switch, top quality LEDs from CREE and effective cooling system designed together in a characteristic versatile American way, make this grow LED grow light the best choice for any indoor growers willing to pay more in order to get more. Originally priced around $360, the advanced platinum p300 is among the expensive category. However, an average of 4.5 rating based on over 270 reviews on Amazon indicate that the fixture is worth the money.

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