Advanced Platinum LED Grow light P150 Review

Actual watts Veg: 50-watt / Bloom: 87-watt
Ideal area coverage [foot area] Veg: 4.5×3.5 / Bloom: 3×1
Length, width, height 19 – 5 – 3
Recommended height  18 inches

Next generation of LED lights manufactured by the renowned brand Platinum. The fixture is among one of the most powerful LED grow light in the market right now. It offers a complete spectrum provided by 12 different bands. It comes with a unique feature that allows boosting the light from 50W to 87W by turning on a switch; this mode intensifies the spectral output making in both modes: bloom and vegetative. This LED light has high-speed fans, and its aluminum case helps heat sink. It does not overheat.

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The good

  • Excellent for all stages. In case you need more light for bloom stage you simply turn on the switch and boost that one.
  • Very compact design, it is light-weighted and can be placed wherever it is needed.
  • Both modes, 50 watts, and 87 watts are very energy-efficient. This light will not mean a big addition to your electric bill.

The Bad

  • Extremely powerful for its size. It can burn your plants if you do not put it enough inches away from your canopy and even though; it may burn them if they are t0o light-sensitive.
  • Very expensive light
  • Not a good option for beginners.


Recommended for

The Advanced LED: P150 is a highly efficient grow light, and a very expensive one also. It is not recommendable for beginners due to the issues it can cause plants when not implemented correctly. It is also a very expensive light unless you have some time dedicated to the task of inside growing and want to improve your LED light. Also, it is overpriced for its size. It’s a good choice only for people looking for a particular light that offers enough light intensity for plants that require it. 5-year warranty and it can be returned during the first 90 days if something happens.

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